Here I Stand


Here I stand before me 

At the edge of who I was 

Between the person I used to be

And the one I could become. 


If only I had more courage 

And trusted my gut

To let go and step into the unknown

To be someone I was not.


Someone I would admire

Someone I would respect

A person who understands that

Self-love can overcome neglect. 


If only I could break the cage

That enslaves my mind alone.

 The only way I see me do it

Is by exposing my own soul. 


That vulnerability shown to others 

May come with abuse and control 

But if you lead with eyes and mind open

You might just protect your soul. 


Because..doubt not – some will try to step on it 

But preparation is the key

To be ready to deflect the kicks.

Awareness and adjusting to reality 

Acceptance of what you see and feel 

Keeping your heart and mind guarded –

These will help you deal.


I don’t want you to feel sorry

Nor I want to victimize

I have just a single worry –

To understand me will these words suffice?


I see a win-win situation:

I share with you, you resonate with me.

Either way I will present

The only truth I now see 

From my perspective, shaped by what I have been through

Maybe someone understands or says A-ha! I knew it too!


I just couldn’t put it into words 

Until my mind rested a bit,

Cooled down from all the overthinking

And showed anxiety the exit.


It may sound arrogant

But I’m proud of what I think

Not that much to be obnoxious

Not that little to be unheard.

I just want to find my people 

Who need a break from all the hurt. 


In the end I found the answers

To the questions that tormented me

Had a pretty steep price to pay 

But then, i wouldn’t be writing poetry.


I just hope to find the readers 

Who can enjoy what I have to say

I heal and grow as I write

And continue my journey from darkness to light.


Here I stand before you, 

I open my mind and heart and wish to share 

I hope you may find some comfort 

In knowing that someone who understands is there.