When things just start not making sense 

And the mind is covered in a fog so dense

That no thought you entertain 

Can relieve you of your pain, 


When human nature becomes unclear,

When you bathe in disbelief of what you hear 

And do not trust your senses, your gut 

And all the messages the body gives, eyes wide shut…


Then something happens to your brain

Something clicks and it starts to rain

With thoughts pouring randomly

Until you learn to sort accordingly.

It is like a portal opened 

For neuronal connections to roam free

In all directions causing havoc

And leading to what may appear a madness to be. 


It’s a common disease for minds 

That have lost control

But paradoxically think

They have it by ruminating all.

Sadly this train of thoughts

Has gone way off track

And there is nobody else 

Who can put it back.


It’s a person’s worst nightmare

When the body wants to rest

But the brain shows him the finger

And puts patience to the test. 


It’s a gift for those who never

Had to think things for themselves

Taking everything from the outside

As reality for oneself.


It’s a burden for the ones 

Who have done it for many years

Pressing harshly on the nerves 

Breeding wishes that it disappears

Leaving time for a little 

mental rest 

So that they won’t go crazy 

Or at least to go to sleep at best. 


It’s a torture for the people 

Who replay the same trauma again

A form of self-punishment 

For not understanding when it mattered – then. 


A search for a meaning, 

explanation, cause and effect 

The reason, the strand of events that led to the defect. 


An endless search for answers 

Logic and closure 

When everything that was necessary