The monsters in my head


One thing I understand: 

I have too many monsters in my head. 

I’ve known them each 

While lying in my bed.

First thing in the morning

“Everything is bad” they said. 


If I had to count them 

And name them for what they are

You’ll see they are not special

You might have them too, so far. 


As soon as I catch one 

Another shows its head 

Mocking me for being helpless.

I should crush them all instead!


But see, here comes the problem

I feel powerless and weak

The enemy is my own mind

Self-sabotaging and slick. 


How is it that this

Duality exits? 

A healthy me sees the broken one

But in the latter still persists. 


The secret of the monsters, 

The reason they exist 

Lies in what they feed from – 

Your own subconscious beliefs.